The Constitution of the
Leighton Buzzard Art Society

The Society shall be called the Leighton Buzzard Art Society.

To stimulate a practical interest in art – Painting, Sculpture and kindred subjects.

 The Society shall be open to any person over the age of 18 and to those aged 14 to 18, accompanied to society events by their parent or guardian, who are interested in the purpose of the Society (subject to the approval of the elected committee) and to the payment of the required subscription. The Society may, at its discretion, elect Honorary and Life Members.

a) The Society shall be run by a Committee consisting of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Programme Secretary, Exhibition Secretary and Treasurer and at least two and not more than seven other members, all of whom have been elected by the membership each year at the AGM except when special circumstances below apply. A maximum of five consecutive successful elections is permitted for any one person for one of the above functional positions. If at the end of this time a position remains unfilled then the outgoing incumbent may continue unelected and with the word ‘Acting’ preceding the position name. This will be a temporary post and may be replaced by a permanent representative elected by the Committee at any time.
b) A Quorum shall be 4 members. The Committee may increase its number by co- opting other members.
c) The Committee shall run the Society in accordance with this Constitution, and in the case of an emergency to decide all matters not covered therein.
d) The Committee is not empowered to act contrary to this Constitution nor to alter it.  Alterations to the Constitution shall only be made by a majority vote of the members at  the A.G.M. or at an Extraordinary General Meeting the membership having been notified of the wording of the proposed amendments at least 14 days before such meeting.

a) The Society’s financial year should be deemed to commence on the 1st August.
b) The Committee shall have the power to authorise the expenditure of sums of money from the Society’s funds and to reclaim cut-of-pocket expenses.
 c) The Society is not responsible for debts incurred in its name by members unless such
members have written authorisation from the Committee.

The Committee shall meet at least twice a year. The Annual General Meeting shall be held not more than 6 weeks after August 31st each year, notice being given to all members, with the Agenda, at least seven days before the meeting. The Chairman will preside at the AGM which will only cover the items notified to members on the Agenda. A Quorum for the  AGM must consist of at least 12 members. The retiring Treasurer shall submit an audited statement of accounts and the audited books shall be available for inspection.
The Committee may call or a group of 10 members may require the Committee to call an Extraordinary General Meeting provided that all members are given at least 14 days written notice of the event and the items to be discussed. A Quorum of an EGM shall be deemed to consist of 20% of the total membership.

Should the Society terminate its activities, all its property shall be sold for the best price obtainable, and any debts paid. Any sum remaining shall be shared among the current members or donated to any other Society or charity, by a 75% vote of the members attending the disbandment meeting.

The Society does not hold itself responsible and shall not be liable for any loss,  damage, injury or default, however or by whomsoever caused, either to persons, property, lecture materials or exhibits. Any compensatory payment made by the Committee of the Society is wholly ex gratia and without prejudice.


This Constitution applies from the AGM held on the 6th September 2001 and amended on 20th September 2018.