Member’s day

Every couple of months we get together on a Sunday and we ask a member to share their knowledge in a topic or find something to work together on. The following is a list of the previous Mamber’s day and the topics we talked about. Some of the activities provided also extra material and you can find it below.

Sunday 17th March 2024 – How to write about yourself and Children’s trail art together

Matteo Cancellieri held this session of artistic psychotherapy! We talked about our struggles and experiences to write an Artist Statement and talk about ourselves, we looked into fellow members’ work and worked in groups to make our artist statement. Click here to access the workshop notes.

Sunday 14th January 2024 – AI art, How to sell your works online and create a collective concertina sketchbook

Matteo Cancellieri provided an introduction to AI and how it can be used in art (and should it be used in art?)

Sarah Cripps went through her experiences in selling art online and provided tips and suggestions.