Covid – 19 Update – All Physical meetings currently suspended . Virtual Zoom meetings to be held from October 2020 onwards until further notice.
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Meetings are held once a month September – May on the 3rd Thursday of the month and are usually demonstrations by professional artists or social / activity evenings. Usually  7.45 – 10.00pm (Please check individual dates as times vary slightly depending on activity)

From January 2020 , Meetings had been held at
Gilbert Inglefield Academy

The Dining Room
Gilbert Inglefield Academy
Vandyke Road
Leighton Buzzard

Entrance is through doors in the dining block (not the main entrance) Please see diagram below.

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18 March 2021  
7.45 — 9.30pm
Sonia Bacchus   
Zoom Demonstration- Still Life in Watercolour and Ink 

My name is Sonia Bacchus, I was born in Lodz, Poland where I studied for a Master of Fine Art Degree. On completing my degree I worked as a teaching assistant at the Academy of Art in Poland and as an Art Therapist for people with Mental disabilities. I was also involved with the film industry as a scenery artist and wardrobe assistant. From 2000 I worked on various international films including Proof of Life (Russell Crowe), George and the Dragon (Val Kimer) Four Feathers (Heath Ledger), Elizabeth the 1st (Jeremy Irons and Helen Mirren) and Damned United (Michael Sheen). My work involved painting murals and making costumes.

I now live in the UK where I give demonstrations, talks and offer tuition. My subjects include portraits of people and pets, landscapes, still life, murals and nudes, plus paintings inspired by the old masters. Plus I have a new demonstration on caricatures. I am also available for talks on The History of Art, Art composition and The Relativism of Colours. I also make narrative jewellery.

The inspiration for my work is from the Old Masters, I appreciate their attention to detail. I like the light in Rembrandts work, the subtlety of the soft light in Vermeer’s paintings. My paintings are figurative, metamorphic representation. The main key to my art is the relationship between light and shadow. Colours are also a very important aspect of my work so I use them sparingly with respect and with the knowledge of the relativism.

15 April 2021 7.45 – 10.00 pm

Aurora Spain   

Zoom Demonstration – Talk on the History of Pigments

The purpose of my paintings is to lift the spirits. They do this by combining passionate colour with images drawn both from nature and imagination. I use elements of fantasy, sometimes bordering on surrealism, but always grounded in close observation of nature. I am fascinated by the theory as well as practice of light and colour. I also draw on all this in my commissions and in my teaching, which I see as an intrinsic part of my development and communication, whether in my weekly classes, painting holidays in the inspirational setting of San Nicolau, Catalonia, workshops or individual tuition.
I have been a professional artist since 1995. My continual passion for the creative visual arts and the love of colour has led me to develop personalised and unique techniques through extensive research, study of the work of notable artists and constant experimentation with colour, practical applications and composition.
I studied at the JJA Academy of Art and Design, the Open College of the Arts and South Hill Park. I am also expert in decorative paint effects, gilding and restoration.
Much of my work is carried out to commission, which I find both challenging and exciting.
Although able to work in most media Aurora prefers demonstrating oils and acrylics, including the new Atelier Interactive acrylis.
Aurora recently demonstrated the Atelier Interactive paints at the Art In Action fair in Waterperry near Oxford in July and at Camberley art group in September. ‘I really like using these paints’ Aurora says, ‘They are extremely versatile – they can be applied using either water colour or oil techniques. A big advantage is that they can be reactivated once they’re dry.’ At the demonstrations Aurora used them with the new Waterford Saunders 300lb HP paper, treated with gesso.
Workshops include:-
The Bigger Picture where each participant completes a jigsaw extract from a well-known painting in their own stily and coloruing and then all the pieces are assembled – its fun and some amazing results can be achieved.
Colour Theory – a particular interest and workshops are based on Itten, Munsell and Betty Edwards.
Experimenting with abastraction
Experimenting with materials including household items such as clingfilm, newspaper, bubblewrap etc.

20th May 7.45 – 10.00pm
Roger Dellar
Zoom Demonstration -Interior in Oils

Roger Dellar works from his studio in Surrey.  He has a keen interest in people and their behaviour, and is fascinated by the way the play of light transforms a subject; either working in the studio or plein air.

He is a member of The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour, The Pastel Society, and The Royal Institute of Oil Painters.  Since 1996 has been an active member of The Wapping Group. 


17th June 2020 – 7.45 – 10.00pm
Tim Wilmott
Zoom Demonstration – Seascape in Watercolour

I am Tim Wilmot, based in Bristol UK and I’m a 100% watercolour artist.  

So I’ve painted on and off all my life.  I love watercolour.   Most people say it’s the most difficult painting medium to use – after all if you make a mistake, that’s it.  Do the same in oils, and you can paint over it.  So it’s the challenge I think with watercolour to pull a painting off, but also it’s about some of the unique things you can do with watercolour that is difficult or impossible with say oils – e.g. try and do what they call ‘wet in wet’ in oils!  I also love the spontaneity of  watercolour and the speed at which you can work, often being able to complete a painting in under 2 hours.  Also the freshness you can get with watercolour, the attempt to make one brush stroke work just right and it communicates exactly what I want.

I have painted more actively since about 2009 and try and do about 4-3 paintings a week.  As regards subjects to paint, I love doing landscapes and seascapes.  Pretty much a scene anywhere in the world as long as there is some strong light.  Watercolour loves strong light, areas of high contrast, and warm tones up against cool tones.  And ‘contre jour’ as they say – painting into the sun.  I try to get out and about as much as I can to paint, but most of the time I’m indoors (well when you’re in the UK you don’t always have predictable weather), in my studio and painting from a photo.  

I sell my paintings worldwide, have had many paintings into exhibitions mainly in the UK, and have won a few local competitions.  I also run a few workshops in the UK and Europe.  For those people who can’t travel, I offer online workshops (we paint in an interactive way over the web at a time to suit you), normally on a one-to-one basis covering any subject you want.  I have a fairly active YouTube Channel with nearly 50,000 subscribers and new videos being posted every few weeks.

16th July 2021 – 7.45 – 10.00pm
Jane Rhodes

Zoom Demonstration – Landscape in Pastels

The wide variety of my work, in both subject and technique, owes much to my love of travel. A keen walker, I habitually use sketch books and my work is often about ‘magic’moments that have a way of stopping me in my tracks and the effect of light becomes a recurring theme in my work..  I strive to create something beautiful and, hopefully, thought provoking that will continually bring as much pleasure to others as I had in its creation.
Best known for my atmospheric pastel paintings, I am now increasingly using oils and acrylics.  I sometimes experiment with mixed media and that has led to some more abstracted interpretations but I am convinced that there remains a place for representational painting in the hearts of many, including myself.
I have exhibited in many group shows and had successful solo exhibitions. My paintings have been selected for open exhibitions, including the Society of Women Artists and the Pastel Society at the Mall Galleries in London.  I am a member of Artists Network Bedfordshire and Arts Gateway, Milton Keynes and am also represented by The Norton Way Gallery, Letchworth Visitors are welcome by appointment to my studio at Arts Central, Station House, 500 Elder Gate, Central Milton Keynes MK9 1BB.
Over the years I have been able to share my love of painting with all levels of ability both as a tutor and demonstrator.  I think this has made a valuable contribution to my personal development as an artist, encouraging me to constantly expand my own knowledge.  I hope to continually evolve as an artist, feeding the passion with my travels for as long as I am able.