Artwork By LBAS Members

Members Gallery
All members of LBAS are invited to have their own gallery here. members should contact the committee if they wish to add images . Many of the works are available for sale, please contact us through the contact page here if you wish to enquire about any of the art work

Each Month we hold a competition on a theme, The members and supporters of LBAS vote on the winner. It is free to enter for members. There is no prize, just a modicom of glory. 

LBAS Sketchbook project
LBAS Sketchbook project, drawing by Tricia Lunt

The Sketchbook Project

Started during Lockdown 2020, the Sketchbook Project is open to all members. A themed sketchbook is shared between 4 members who take it in turns (hold the book for a week) to complete a page , then pass it on. Each artist completes 4 pages in the book, so one week in every 4 for about 4 months. They provide a source of inspiration, humour and contact with fellow artists. Sometimes moving you out of your comfort zone. Any members wishing to join the project please contact us here

Artists Profiles

You can read a little about some of our members, their work and the art they admire here.